We make use of years of our international experience.

Our goal is simple, develop leadership competencies and improve organizational effectiveness.
We work with leaders to bring out the best in organizational and individual performance by serving as confidential advisers for identifying and developing leadership and cultural practices to help drive business change, improve performance, and sustain corporate success.
Working globally and our business is based on current best practices in the field. In addition we draw upon our extensive experience in organizational psychology, behavioral science and change management, to provide high quality services to high potential and emerging leaders. We are committed to helping you create a competitive advantage and develop leaders to be more adaptive, flexible and responsive.
Eileen Dowse Ph.D. is a recognized global business leader consultant and Organizational Psychologist specializing in organizational health and effectiveness through education, consulting, facilitation and executive coaching. She has extensive practical experience in the field of global communications, global leadership and cultural competency development. She works with individuals, teams and large-scale systems to facilitate strategic change. As President of Human Dynamics, she works with organizations providing; leadership development programs, development of systems for identifying and developing high potential leaders, helping to align executive teams, conducting HR audits business partner skills and executive coaching to develop growth strategies.

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Barry Brewster is CEO of Blue Squid, an Australian based business delivering agile strategy and performance to organisations and major projects globally. He is one of only three Internationally Certified Master Facilitators in Australia. He specialises in facilitating change and coaching in a variety of business environments. With over thirty-five years of experience in Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada and the United States he works as a leadership and organisational change consultant helping executives move their companies forward through focused optimisation programs. Clients seek out Barry because he helps them to successfully leverage the knowledge and wisdom from within their organisations to produce sustainable results. He is a board member of the International Institute for Facilitation and has a unique ability to facilitate learning, energise people towards innovation and bring about change as an AGILE leader in the industry. He is co-author of a series of five books which are included in the curriculum of several universities in Australia and the USA, titled “The Agile Business Leader®” published 2010-2014.

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Ian Mackie has had a long and distinguished career in Australian schools. He has worked across state systems in teaching and principal roles. In the 1990’s he was President of the Teachers’ Union and went on to a long career as a very senior public servant. He served as the first Training Ombudsman returning to schools in 2005 to achieve nationally acclaim for the “job guarantee” methodology now used in many high schools around the country. He left the Public Service as an Assistant Director General in 2011 to pursue his interest in improving outcomes for Indigenous students. This has led to his intense study and research into the use of Nudge Theory in all schools. He is connected at highest levels of government and business. In recent years he has taken a deep interest in International students starting the International Student Experience Association and advocating for the industry with government and education providers. He has an exceptional knowledge of all aspects of this industry. He currently engages in leadership development across all sectors of community and industry.

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